USPS Delays started in late November 2020 and getting worse....

Friday, December 11, 2020

So far two of our customers have complained that mail they paid Priority Mail service for hasn't arrived. It looks like 2-3 day delivery is now taking 10+ days to arrive, and for no real reason. Blame the Corona virus why don't you.

We have a similar problem receiving mail too, we don't get delivery until 8:30pm - every day! The excuse we get is that the carrier is covering for another employee that is out sick or on vacation. Hmmm, faced with holiday mail traffic, and that being probably double the usual amount now, I suspect there is a very strong incentive for postal employees (notice we don't call them workers) to take vacation or call in sick now.

I don't expect an improvement in deliveries until next year - exactly what month that will be, I don't know. Call your Congressman, Congress manages the Post Office. That explains a lot.

Read this Article about it.

12/29/20 update

Rumors abound that the post office has stopped updating tracking info because they are too busy. Local deliveries for us and neighbors are being delayed because the post office contractors are opening packages to see what they are, many packages are being delivered open, or just open enough to see the contents. Something is sure to dissapear.

International complaints are starting to roll in, 2 week deliveries are taking much longer 6-8 weeks is my prediction for first class mail. Two packages we sent to the UK for example, the first was sent via Tokyo and the second was sat on in Chicago for 2 weeks. There is just no excuse for this. Call your congressman, file a complaint with them.

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