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Featured products

Guns of August map 1 inch hexes GoA

A stunning make over of the second edition game map. 52in long
$60.00 excl tax

Guns of August 5/8in replacement and variant counters GoA

6 full sheets of Replacement and Variant game pieces for the Guns of August board game in 5/8in.
$144.00 excl tax

Third Reich map 1 inch hexes 3R

A stunning make over of the second edition game map. 36x52in
$60.00 excl tax

Third Reich Replacement and Variant Counters 5/8in 3R

Third Reich Replacement and Variant Counters 5/8in
$72.00 excl tax

Third Reich Replacement and Variant Counters 1/2in 3R

Third Reich Replacement and Variant Counters 1/2in
$48.00 excl tax

Modern Panzer Leader Blitz Full Page Russia & Ukraine - sheet 2

Variant game pieces for Panzer Leader Blitz board game. Just in time for the spring offensive!
$24.00 excl tax

Fortress Europa - replacement counters 5/8in

Fortress Europa - replacement counters 5/8in. 600dpi double sided
$84.00 excl tax

Fortress Europa map 1 inch hexes

Fortress Europa map with 1 inch hexes - 36x43in size
$49.00 excl tax

FREE Custom Counter Designer

Design your own page of custom counters using a spreadsheet
$0.00 excl tax

Rail Baron replacement map

Original game map Re-Engineered instead of scanned. Measures 18x36 inches.
$23.00 excl tax

PGG - Panzergruppe Guderian Map

A stunning make over of the original game map. The hex grid is 8% larger than the original.
$27.00 excl tax

Panzer Leader T-Shirt

100% Haynes Cotton T-Shirt
$34.50 excl tax

Panzer Blitz T-Shirt

100% Haynes Cotton T-Shirt
$34.50 excl tax

Panzer Leader Blitz Custom Counters

Click a small image for a close up view. Pick 4 plates to create a sheet of custom Panzer Leader or Panzer Blitz counters. You can also specify unit insignia be added to the counters - options like: None, 3rd SS Panzer, 82nd Airborne, 3rd Armored Division, Romanian Flag, Iron Cross, Luftwaffe Eagle, Hammer & Sycle, etc.
$24.00 excl tax

Circus Maximus Miniature Chariot - 1in

Replacement game pieces for the Circus Maximus board game in one inch scale metal miniatures.
From $10.00 excl tax

Custom Sheet of Game Pieces, Single Sided

Custom Sheet of Game Pieces, Single Sided
$24.00 excl tax

Blitzkrieg Replacement Counters - pick your colors

Replacement game pieces for the Blitzkrieg board game.
From $18.00 excl tax
VITP - Victory in the Pacific Tournament -Tuesday, January 24, 2023
There is still a VITP tournament each year
So far two of our customers have complained that mail they paid Priority Mail service for hasn't arrived. It looks like 2-3 day delivery is now taking 10+ days to arrive, and for no real reason. Blame the Corona virus why don't you.
Panzer Blitz Winter War variant now available -Wednesday, September 30, 2020
This variant game requires the original game and rules to play. The map and game pieces are replaced with this variant. There are three sheets of game pieces, and 3 maps, ten scenarios, and rules update by Alan Arvold.