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The website has been broken since early March of 2014. We have been shipping products to customers globaly upon request using PayPal. We are currently working on having the site back up, starting from scratch with a new eComerce platform. We would have done it sooner, but spent the summer working on a new piece of equipment that will change these old game pieces forever.

All of our counter sheets are now completely made of plastic and water proof. They are completely cut thru, and much easier to break out of the sheet. They are also heavier and thicker than the old cardboard counter sheets. The cut lines are straight making them easier to pick up as well. If you need parts immediately, email us at


Due to changes with the US Postal Service in January 2012, First Class parcel service is being affected. The post office is pushing all packages to Priority Mail service. First Class international packages can no longer be insured, and even though they receive a customs tracking number, they refuse to track, or trace, First Class packages over seas. This forces you, the customer, to pay twice as much for the same delivery service that First Class used to be. The postal increase for a 2 oz package (a single CD disc) went from $2.28 to $6.55 for most international destinations. We can no longer afford to lose money on inadequate shipping charges, and orders lost by the postal service.

Since we have no recourse to recover our losses for misplaced First Class international mail, ALL international orders will require Priority Mail shipping to be selected. If you fail to make the selection on your order, you will be notified of the shipping difference prior to your order being processed. Orders will be cancelled without proper shipping charges applied to your order.


Maps require tubes. Die cut counters and cards will not fit into these tubes. If you are ordering maps and other items, separate your map order into a second order. 36in maps REQUIRE Priority Mail shipping. Orders with maps combined with other items will be cancelled.